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Aquatic Microbial Ecology

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AME - Vol. 69, No. 2 - Table of contents

AME - Vol. 69, No. 2 - Table of contents

Aquat Microb Ecol (Print ISSN: 0948-3055; Online ISSN: 1616-1564)
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Steen AD, Arnosti C
Extracellular peptidase and carbohydrate hydrolase activities in an Arctic fjord (Smeerenburgfjord, Svalbard)
AME 69:93-99 | Full text in pdf format

Amano-Sato C, Akiyama S, Uchida M, Shimada K, Utsumi M
Archaeal distribution and abundance in water masses of the Arctic Ocean, Pacific sector
AME 69:101-112 | Full text in pdf format

García-Robledo E, Revsbech NP, Risgaard-Petersen N, Corzo A
Changes in N cycling induced by Ulva detritus enrichment of sediments
AME 69:113-122 | Full text in pdf format

Dai J, Tang X, Gao G, Chen D, Shao K, Cai X, Zhang L
Effects of salinity and nutrients on sedimentary bacterial communities in oligosaline Lake Bosten, northwestern China
AME 69:123-134 | Full text in pdf format

Lara Y, Lambion A, Menzel D, Codd GA, Wilmotte A
A cultivation-independent approach for the genetic and cyanotoxin characterization of colonial cyanobacteria
AME 69:135-143 | Full text in pdf format

Cochero J, Romaní AM, Gómez N
Delayed response of microbial epipelic biofilm to nutrient addition in a Pampean stream
AME 69:145-155 | Full text in pdf format

Landa M, Cottrell MT, Kirchman DL, Blain S, Obernosterer I
Changes in bacterial diversity in response to dissolved organic matter supply in a continuous culture experiment
AME 69:157-168 | Full text in pdf format

Vieira AAH, Colombo-Corbi V, Bagatini IL, Dellamano-Oliveira MJ, Tessarolli LP
Rhamnose and hydrolysis of MUF-α-l- rhamnopyranoside coupled with producers of rhamnose-rich extracellular polysaccharides in a hypereutrophic reservoir
AME 69:169-181 | Full text in pdf format