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Clim Res (Print ISSN: 0936-577X; Online ISSN: 1616-1572)
Copyright © 2000 Inter-Research
Published July 20

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Bray D
Visioning event horizons: Where do we go from here?
CR 15:83-94 | Full text in pdf format

Omstedt A, Gustafsson B, Rodhe J, Walin G
Use of Baltic Sea modelling to investigate the water cycle and the heat balance in GCM and regional climate models
CR 15:95-108 | Full text in pdf format

Knippertz P, Ulbrich U, Speth P
Changing cyclones and surface wind speeds over the North Atlantic and Europe in a transient GHG experiment
CR 15:109-122 | Full text in pdf format

Brazel A, Selover N, Vose R, Heisler G
The tale of two climates-Baltimore and Phoenix urban LTER sites
CR 15:123-135 | Full text in pdf format

Grimmond CSB, Robeson SM, Schoof JT
Spatial variability of micro-climatic conditions within a mid-latitude deciduous forest
CR 15:137-149 | Full text in pdf format

Brinkmann WAR
Causes of variability in monthly Great Lakes water supplies and lake levels
CR 15:151-160 | Full text in pdf format

Najjar et al., Vol. 14:219-233 (2000)
CR 15:160 | Full text in pdf format