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Clim Res (Print ISSN: 0936-577X; Online ISSN: 1616-1572)
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Published March 16

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25 Years Inter-Research 1979-2004
CR 28:93-94 | Full text in pdf format


Cavazos T, Hewitson BC
Performance of NCEP-NCAR reanalysis variables in statistical downscaling of daily precipitation
CR 28:95-107 | Full article in pdf format

Zhao Y, Camberlin P, Richard Y
Validation of a coupled GCM and projection of summer rainfall change over South Africa, using a statistical downscaling method
CR 28:109-122 | Full article in pdf format

Chen D, Gao G, Xu CY, Guo J, Ren G
Comparison of the Thornthwaite method and pan data with the standard Penman-Monteith estimates of reference evapotranspiration in China
CR 28:123-132 | Full article in pdf format

Wedgbrow CS, Wilby RL, Fox HR
Experimental seasonal forecasts of low summer flows in the River Thames, UK, using Expert Systems
CR 28:133-141 | Full article in pdf format

Keim BD, Meeker LD, Slater JF
Manual synoptic climate classification for the east coast of New England (USA) with an application to PM2.5 concentration
CR 28:143-153 | Full article in pdf format

Livada I, Asimakopoulos DN
Individual seasonality index of rainfall regimes in Greece
CR 28:155-161 | Full article in pdf format

Zheng D, Chen J, Noormets A, Euskirchen ES, Le Moine J
Effects of climate and land use on landscape soil respiration in northern Wisconsin, USA: 1972 to 2001
CR 28:163-173 | Full article in pdf format

Chen CC, Gillig D, McCarl BA, Williams RL
ENSO impacts on regional water management: case study of the Edwards Aquifer (Texas, USA)
CR 28:175-182 | Full article in pdf format