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CR 48:13-21 (2011)  -  DOI:

Late-glacial and Holocene palaeoenvironments in the Baltic Sea based on a sedimentary record from the Gdansk Basin

Andrey Grigoriev1, Vladimir Zhamoida1,*, Mikhail Spiridonov1, Alla Sharapova1, Vadim Sivkov2, Darya Ryabchuk1

1Russian Research Geological Institute (VSEGEI), 74 Sredny Prospect, 199106 St. Petersburg, Russia
2Atlantic Branch of P. P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology (AB IO RAS), 1 Prospect Mira, 236000 Kaliningrad, Russia
*Corresponding author. Email:

ABSTRACT: The focus of this study was the 11.55 m long sediment core 303700-7, which was retrieved from the Gdansk Basin during a cruise of RV ‘Poseidon’ within the frame of the Russian–German Project GISEB. The core was analysed for grain size, elemental chemical composition, organic carbon and palynological spectra. The age control was based on palynostratigraphy and 7 radiocarbon datings of bulk sedimentary organic matter. These data provide a high-resolution record of climatic and marine palaeoenvironments in the Gdansk Basin for the last ca. 13 kyr, from the Bølling to late Holocene time. Sedimentation rates were estimated to vary between 0.37 and 1.62 mm yr–1. Major variations in palaeosalinity were estimated from bromine concentrations in the sediment. This method allows the first quantitative reconstruction of palaeosalinity changes in the Baltic Sea, especially profound during the Littorina and Postlittorina periods (middle to late Holocene). In addition, grain size data indicated several Littorina transgressive–regressive stages and a few episodes of increased near-bottom current activity. Our results from the Gdansk Basin are consistent with palaeoceanographic data from other deep basins of the Baltic Sea and provide new insights into the regional Holocene history.

KEY WORDS: Environmental changes · Late Pleistocene · Holocene · Baltic Sea sediments · Gda´nsk Basin · Multiproxy analysis · Palaeosalinity

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Cite this article as: Grigoriev A, Zhamoida V, Spiridonov M, Sharapova A, Sivkov V, Ryabchuk D (2011) Late-glacial and Holocene palaeoenvironments in the Baltic Sea based on a sedimentary record from the Gdansk Basin. Clim Res 48:13-21.

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