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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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DAO - Vol. 127, No. 1 - Table of contents

DAO - Vol. 127, No. 1 - Table of contents

Dis Aquat Org (Print ISSN: 0177-5103; Online ISSN: 1616-1580)
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Suong NT, Webb S, Banks J, Wakeman KC, Lane H, Jeffs A, Brosnahan C, Jones B, Fidler A
Partial 18S rRNA sequences of apicomplexan parasite ‘X’ (APX), associated with flat oysters Ostrea chilensis in New Zealand
DAO 127:1-9 | Full text in pdf format

Ito T, Olesen NJ
Viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus (VHSV) remains viable for several days but at low levels in the water flea Moina macrocopa
DAO 127:11-18 | Full text in pdf format

Bigarré L, Plassiart G, de Boisséson C, Pallandre L, Pozet F, Ledoré Y, Fontaine P, Lieffrig F
Molecular investigations of outbreaks of Perch perhabdovirus infections in pike-perch
DAO 127:19-27 | Full text in pdf format

de Buron I, Hill-Spanik KM, Haselden L, Atkinson SD, Hallett SL, Arnott SA
Infection dynamics of Kudoa inornata (Cnidaria: Myxosporea) in spotted seatrout Cynoscion nebulosus (Teleostei: Sciaenidae)
DAO 127:29-40 | Full text in pdf format

Elfadl AK, Lee SW, Kim JH, Lee KL, Arif Ullah HM, Chung MJ, Ghim SG, Lee EJ, Kim YD, Kim SM, Jeon SG, Lim JH, Choi HJ, Park JK, Jeong KS
Fatal fibrino-hemorrhagic bronchopneumonia associated with Morganella morganii in a bottlenose dolphin: a case report
DAO 127:41-47 | Full text in pdf format

ten Doeschate MTI, IJsseldijk LL, Hiemstra S, de Jong EA, Strijkstra A, Gröne A, Begeman L
Quantifying parasite presence in relation to biological parameters of harbour porpoises Phocoena phocoena stranded on the Dutch coast
DAO 127:49-56 | Full text in pdf format


Morell M, Lehnert K, IJsseldijk LL, Raverty SA, Wohlsein P, Gröne A, André M, Siebert U, Shadwick RE
Parasites in the inner ear of harbour porpoise: cases from the North and Baltic Seas
DAO 127:57-63 | Full text in pdf format

Wyrosdick HM, Gerhold R, Su C, Mignucci-Giannoni AA, Bonde RK, Chapman A, Rivera-Pérez CI, Martinez J, Miller DL
Investigating seagrass in Toxoplasma gondii transmission in Florida (Trichechus manatus latirostris) and Antillean (T. m. manatus) manatees
DAO 127:65-69 | Full text in pdf format

Stimmelmayr R, Rotstein D, Seguel M, Gottdenker N
Hepatic lipomas and myelolipomas in subsistence-harvested bowhead whales Balaena mysticetus, Alaska (USA): a case review 1980−2016
DAO 127:71-74 | Full text in pdf format

Kamoroff C, Goldberg CS
Using environmental DNA for early detection of amphibian chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis prior to a ranid die-off
DAO 127:75-79 | Full text in pdf format

Palm et al., Vol. 123: 141-157 (2017)
DAO 127:81 | Full text in pdf format