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Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

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DAO - Vol. 38, No. 2 - Table of contents

DAO - Vol. 38, No. 2 - Table of contents

Dis Aquat Org (Print ISSN:0177-5103; Online ISSN:1616-1580)
Copyright © 1999 Inter-Research
Published November 08

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Meyers TR, Short S, Lipson K
Isolation of the North American strain of viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV) associated with epizootic mortality in two new host species of Alaskan marine fish
DAO 38:81-86 | Full text in pdf format

Jung SJ, Kitamura SI, Kawai K, Suzuki S
Isolation of different types of birnavirus from ayu Plecoglossus altivelis and amago salmon Oncorhynchus rhodurus cultured in the same geographic area
DAO 38:87-91 | Full text in pdf format

Hasson KW, Lightner DV, Mohney LL, Redman RM, White B
Role of lymphoid organ spheroids in chronic Taura syndrome virus (TSV) infections in Penaeus vannamei
DAO 38:93-105 | Full text in pdf format

Tsai MF, Kou GH, Liu HC, Liu KF, Chang CF, Peng SE, Hsu HC, Wang CH, Lo CF
Long-term presence of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) in a cultivated shrimp population without disease outbreaks
DAO 38:107-114 | Full text in pdf format

O'Farrell CL, Strom MS
Differential expression of the virulence-associated protein p57 and characterization of its duplicated gene msa in virulent and attenuated strains of Renibacterium salmoninarum
DAO 38:115-123 | Full text in pdf format

Davis CR, Marty GD, Adkison MA, Freiberg EF, Hedrick RP
Association of plasma IgM with body size, histopathologic changes, and plasma chemistries in adult Pacific herring Clupea pallas
DAO 38:125-133 | Full text in pdf format

Fournie JW, Hawkins WE, Walker WW
Proliferative lesions in swimbladder of Japanese medaka Oryzias latipes and guppy Poecilia reticulata
DAO 38:135-142 | Full text in pdf format

Morado JF, Giesecke RH, Syrjala SE
Molt related mortalities of the Dungeness crab Cancer magister caused by a marine facultative ciliate Mesanophrys pugettensis
DAO 38:143-150 | Full text in pdf format

Stentiford GD, Neil DM, Coombs GH
Changes in the plasma free amino acid profile of the Norway lobster Nephrops norvegicus at different stages of infection by a parasitic dinoflagellate (genus Hematodinium)
DAO 38:151-157 | Full text in pdf format


Tu C, Huang HT, Chuang SH, Hsu JP, Kuo ST, Li NJ, Hsu TL, Li MC, Lin SY
Taura syndrome in Pacific white shrimp Penaeus vannamei cultured in Taiwan
DAO 38:159-161 | Full text in pdf format