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ESR 43:281-289 (2020)  -  DOI:

Movements of juvenile and sub-adult striped bass Morone saxatilis in the Saint John River, New Brunswick, Canada

S. N. Andrews1,*, T. Linnansaari1,2, N. M. Leblanc3, S. A. Pavey3, R. A. Curry1,2

1Canadian Rivers Institute, Department of Biology, 2Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, University of New Brunswick, PO Box 4400, Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 5A3, Canada
3Canadian Rivers Institute, Biological Sciences Department, University of New Brunswick Saint John, 100 Tucker Park Rd., Saint John, New Brunswick E2L 4L5, Canada
*Corresponding author:

ABSTRACT: Juvenile striped bass (age-1) of distinct genetic ancestry were re-discovered in the Saint John River, New Brunswick in 2014 after a 35 yr hiatus of recognition. These juveniles were determined to be highly genetically divergent from all possible source populations, hypothesized to be of Saint John River ancestry, and thus considered evidence of the continued existence of the native stock. Successful recruitment of strong year classes of striped bass within the Saint John River, however, appears to be infrequent. We acoustically tagged and tracked juvenile and sub-adult striped bass (n = 37; age 2-4) in the Saint John River in both 2015 and 2016, and identified summer feeding and overwintering habitats that established an in-river residency. Following decades of poor or no recruitment of the native striped bass stock, it is now imperative that managers quickly include monitoring of juvenile and sub-adult striped bass and protection of their habitats in the conservation and recovery efforts for Saint John River striped bass.

KEY WORDS: Striped bass · Saint John River · Acoustic tracking · Population genetics · Stock recovery

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Cite this article as: Andrews SN, Linnansaari T, Leblanc NM, Pavey SA, Curry RA (2020) Movements of juvenile and sub-adult striped bass Morone saxatilis in the Saint John River, New Brunswick, Canada. Endang Species Res 43:281-289.

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