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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 103 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
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McCormick, M. I.
Variability in age and size at settlement of the tropicai goatfish Upeneus trayula (Mullidae) in the northern Great Barrier Reef lagoon
MEPS 103:1-15 | Full text in pdf format

Kuwamura, T., Yogo, Y., Nakashima, Y.
Population dynamics of goby Paragobiodon echmocephalus and host coral Stytophora pistillata
MEPS 103:17-23 | Full text in pdf format

Grigg, R. W.
Effects of sewage discharge, fishing pressure and habitat complexity on coral ecosystems and reef fishes in Hawaii
MEPS 103:25-34 | Full text in pdf format

Yap, H. T., Montebon, A. R. F., Dizon, R. M.
Energy flow and seasonality in a tropical coral reef flat
MEPS 103:35-43 | Full text in pdf format

Fisher, C. R., Childress, J. J., Macko, S. A., Brooks, J. M.
Nutritional interactions in Galapagos Rift hydrothermal vent communities: inferences from stable carbon and nitrogen isotope analyses
MEPS 103:45-55 | Full text in pdf format

Stenton-Dozey, J. M. E., Brown, A. C.
Short-term changes in the energy balance of Venerupis corrugatus (Bivalvia) in relation to tidal availability of natural suspended particles
MEPS 103:57-64 | Full text in pdf format

Baden, S. P., Depledge, M. H., Hagerman, L.
Glycogen depletion and altered copper and manganese handling in Nephrops norvegicus following starvation and exposure to hypoxia
MEPS 103:65-72 | Full text in pdf format

Sandberg, E.
Does short-term oxygen depletion affect predator-prey relationships in zoobenthos? Experiments with the isopod Saduna entomon
MEPS 103:73-80 | Full text in pdf format

Sköld, M., Loo, L.-O., Rosenberg, R.
Production, dynamics and demography of an Amphiura filiformis population
MEPS 103:81-90 | Full text in pdf format

Vedel, A., Andersen, B. B., Riisgard, H. U.
Field investigations of pumping activity of the facultatively filter-feeding polychaete Nereis diversicolor using an improved infrared phototransducer system
MEPS 103:91-101 | Full text in pdf format

McFadzen, I. R. B., Cleary, J. J.
Toxicity and chemistry of the sea-surface microlayer in the North Sea using a cryopreserved larval bioassay
MEPS 103:103-109 | Full text in pdf format

Burford, M. A., Long, B. G., Rothlisberg, P. C.
Sedimentary pigments and organic carbon in relation to microalgal and benthic faunal abundance in the Gulf of Carpentaria
MEPS 103:111-117 | Full text in pdf format

Baldwin, J. R., Loworn, J. R.
Expansion of seagrass habitat by the exotic Zostera lapontca. and its use by dabbling ducks and brant in Boundary Bay, British Columbia
MEPS 103:119-127 | Full text in pdf format

Kendrick, G. A.
Effects of propagule settlement density and adult canopy on survival of recruits of Sargassum spp. (Sargassaceae: Phaeophyta)
MEPS 103:129-140 | Full text in pdf format

Gee, J. M., Warwick, R. M.
Metazoan community structure in relation to the fractal dimensions of marine macroalgae
MEPS 103:141-150 | Full text in pdf format

Taylor, F. J. R., Haigh, R., Sutherland, T. F.
Phytoplankton ecology of Sechelt Inlet, a fjord system on the British Columbia coast. II. Potentially harmful species
MEPS 103:151-164 | Full text in pdf format

Vrieling, E. G., Peperzak, L., Gieskes, W. W. C, Veenhuis, M.
Detection of the ichthyotoxic dinoflagellate Gyrodinium (cf.) aureolum and morphologically related Gymnodinium species using monoclonal antibodies: a specific immunological tool
MEPS 103:165-174 | Full text in pdf format

Flynn, K. J., Jones, K. J., Raine, R., Richard, J., Flynn, K.
Use of intracellular amino acid analysis as an indicator of the physiological status of natural dinoflagellate populations
MEPS 103:175-186 | Full text in pdf format

Hofstraat, J. W., Peeters, J. C. H., Snel, J. F. H., Geel, C.
Simple determination of photosynthetic efficiency and photoinhibition of Dunalielia tertiolecta by saturating P" 3e fluorescence measurements
MEPS 103:187-196 | Full text in pdf format

Bianchi, M., Bonin, P., Feliatra
Bacterial nitrification and denitrification rates in the Rhone River plume (northwestern Mediterranean Sea)
MEPS 103:197-202 | Full text in pdf format

Burford, M. A., Pollard, P. C.
Pigment contaminants in polycarbonate filters
MEPS 103:203-206 | Full text in pdf format

Caurant, F., Amiard, J. C, Amiard-Triquet, C, Sauriau, P. G.
Ecological and biological factors controlling the concentrations of trace elements (As, Cd, Cu, Hg, Se, Zn) in delpinids Globicephala melas from the North Atlantic Ocean
MEPS 103:207-219 | Full text in pdf format

Haney, J. C, Schauer, A. E. S.
Environmental variability facilitates coexistence within an alcid community at sea
MEPS 103:221-237 | Full text in pdf format

Milton, D. A., Blaber, S. J. M., Rawlinson, N. J. F.
Diet, prey selection and their energetic relationship tc reproduction in the tropical herring Herklotsichthys quadnmaculatus in Kiribati, Central Pacific
MEPS 103:239-250 | Full text in pdf format

Carvalho, F. P., Fowler, S. W.
A double-tracer technique to determine the relative importance of water and food as sources of polonium-210 to marine prawns and fish
MEPS 103:251-264 | Full text in pdf format

Katz, C. H., Cobb, J. S., Spaulding, M.
Larval behavior, hydrodynamic transport, and potential offshore-to-inshore recruitment in the American lobster Homarus americanus
MEPS 103:265-273 | Full text in pdf format

Raby, D., Lagadeuc, Y., Dodson, J. J., Mingelbier, M.
Relationship between feeding and vertical distribution of bivalve larvae in stratified and mixed waters
MEPS 103:275-284 | Full text in pdf format

Hagerman, L., Szaniawska, A.
Haemolymph nitrogen compounds and ammonia efflux rates under anoxia in the brackish water isopod Saduria entomon
MEPS 103:285-289 | Full text in pdf format

Mistri, M., Ceccherelli, V. U.
Growth and secondary production of the Mediterranean gorgonian Paramuricea clavata
MEPS 103:291-296 | Full text in pdf format

Shiah, F.-K., Ducklow, H. W.
Temperature and substrate regulation of bacterial abundance, production and specific growth rate in Chesapeake Bay, USA
MEPS 103:297-308 | Full text in pdf format

Solis-lbarra, R., Rendon-Rodriguez, S.
Laboratory observations on displacement speed of the white shrimp Penaeus vannamei (Crustacea: Decapoda)
MEPS 103:309-310 | Full text in pdf format