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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 181 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 181 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN:0171-8630; Online ISSN:1616-1599)
Copyright © 1999 Inter-Research
Published May 18

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Fielman KT, Woodin SA, Walla MD, Lincoln DE
Widespread occurrence of natural halogenated organics among temperate marine infauna
MEPS 181:1-12 | Full text in pdf format

Benedetti-Cecchi L, Menconi M, Cinelli F
Pre-emption of the substratum and the maintenance of spatial pattern on a rocky shore in the northwest Mediterranean
MEPS 181:13-23 | Full text in pdf format

Wijsman JWM, Herman PMJ, Gomoiu MT
Spatial distribution in sediment characteristics and benthic activity on the northwestern Black Sea shelf
MEPS 181:25-39 | Full text in pdf format

Ryer CH, Olla BL
Light-induced changes in the prey consumption and behavior of two juvenile planktivorous fish
MEPS 181:41-51 | Full text in pdf format

Grønkjær P, Schytte M
Non-random mortality of Baltic cod larvae inferred from otolith hatch-check sizes
MEPS 181:53-59 | Full text in pdf format

Knutsen I, Salvanes AGV
Temperature-dependent digestion handling time in juvenile cod and possible consequences for prey choice
MEPS 181:61-79 | Full text in pdf format

Chapman MR, Kramer DL
Gradients in coral reef fish density and size across the Barbados Marine Reserve boundary:effects of reserve protection and habitat characteristics
MEPS 181:81-96 | Full text in pdf format

Dvir O, van Rijn J, Neori A
Nitrogen transformations and factors leading to nitrite accumulation in a hypertrophic marine fish culture system
MEPS 181:97-106 | Full text in pdf format

Prena J, Schwinghamer P, Rowell TW, Gordon DC Jr, Gilkinson KD, Vass WP,
McKeown DL

Experimental otter trawling on a sandy bottom ecosystem of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland:analysis of trawl bycatch and effects on epifauna
MEPS 181:107-124 | Full text in pdf format

Charmantier G, Anger K
Ontogeny of osmoregulation in the palaemonid shrimp Palaemonetes argentinus (Crustacea:Decapoda)
MEPS 181:125-129 | Full text in pdf format

O'Connor NJ, Judge ML
Cues in salt marshes stimulate molting of fiddler crab Uca pugnax megalopae:more evidence from field experiments
MEPS 181:131-139 | Full text in pdf format

Sainte-Marie B, Urbani N, Sévigny JM, Hazel F, Kuhnlein U
Multiple choice criteria and the dynamics of assortative mating during the first breeding season of female snow crab Chionoecetes opilio (Brachyura, Majidae)
MEPS 181:141-153 | Full text in pdf format

Calbet A, Agustí S
Latitudinal changes of copepod egg production rates in Atlantic waters:temperature and food availability as the main driving factors
MEPS 181:155-162 | Full text in pdf format

Teegarden GJ
Copepod grazing selection and particle discrimination on the basis of PSP toxin content
MEPS 181:163-176 | Full text in pdf format

Cripps GC, Watkins JL, Hill HJ, Atkinson A
Fatty acid content of Antarctic krill Euphausia superba at South Georgia related to regional populations and variations in diet
MEPS 181:177-188 | Full text in pdf format

Satumanatpan S, Keough MJ
Effect of barnacles on the survival and growth of temperate mangrove seedlings
MEPS 181:189-199 | Full text in pdf format

Van Dover CL, Trask J, Gross J, Knowlton A
Reproductive biology of free-living and commensal polynoid polychaetes at the Lucky Strike hydrothermal vent field (Mid-Atlantic Ridge)
MEPS 181:201-214 | Full text in pdf format

Sommer A, Pörtner HO
Exposure of Arenicola marina to extreme temperatures:adaptive flexibility of a boreal and a subpolar population
MEPS 181:215-226 | Full text in pdf format

Schratzberger M, Warwick RM
Differential effects of various types of disturbances on the structure of nematode assemblages:an experimental approach
MEPS 181:227-236 | Full text in pdf format

Vanhove S, Arntz W, Vincx M
Comparative study of the nematode communities on the southeastern Weddell Sea shelf and slope (Antarctica)
MEPS 181:237-256 | Full text in pdf format

Holmes MJ, Teo SLM, Lee FC, Khoo HW
Persistent low concentrations of diarrhetic shellfish toxins in green mussels Perna viridis from the Johor Strait, Singapore:first record of diarrhetic shellfish toxins from South-East Asia
MEPS 181:257-268 | Full text in pdf format

Kurihara T
Effects of sediment type and food abundance on the vertical distribution of the starfish Asterina pectinifera
MEPS 181:269-277 | Full text in pdf format

Kaldy JE, Fowler N, Dunton KH
Critical assessment of Thalassia testudinum (turtle grass) aging techniques:implications for demographic inferences
MEPS 181:279-288 | Full text in pdf format

Duarte CM, Benavent E, Sánchez MdC
The microcosm of particles within seagrass Posidonia oceanica canopies
MEPS 181:289-295 | Full text in pdf format

Christaki U, Van Wambeke F, Dolan JR
Nanoflagellates (mixotrophs, heterotrophs and autotrophs) in the oligotrophic eastern Mediterranean:standing stocks, bacterivory and relationships with bacterial production
MEPS 181:297-307 | Full text in pdf format


Ferrier-Pagès C, Gattuso JP, Jaubert J
Effect of small variations in salinity on the rates of photosynthesis and respiration of the zooxanthellate coral Stylophora pistillata
MEPS 181:309-314 | Full text in pdf format