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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 188 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 188 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN:0171-8630; Online ISSN:1616-1599)
Copyright © 1999 Inter-Research
Published November 03

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Dahllöf I, Blanck H, Hall POJ, Molander S
Long-term effects of tri-n-butyl-tin on the function of a marine sediment system
MEPS 188:1-11 | Full text in pdf format

Frid CLJ, Clark RA, Hall JA
Long-term changes in the benthos on a heavily fished ground off the NE coast of England
MEPS 188:13-20 | Full text in pdf format

Bricaud A, Allali K, Morel A, Marie D, Veldhuis MJW, Partensky F, Vaulot D
Divinyl chlorophyll a-specific absorption coefficients and absorption efficiency factors for Prochlorococcus marinus:kinetics of photoacclimation
MEPS 188:21-32 | Full text in pdf format

Mulholland MR, Capone DG
Nitrogen fixation, uptake and metabolism in natural and cultured populations of Trichodesmium spp.
MEPS 188:33-49 | Full text in pdf format

Ziegler S, Benner R
Nutrient cycling in the water column of a subtropical seagrass meadow
MEPS 188:51-62 | Full text in pdf format

Malm T, Engkvist R, Kautsky L
Grazing effects of two freshwater snails on juvenile Fucus vesiculosus in the Baltic Sea
MEPS 188:63-71 | Full text in pdf format

Hoare K, Hughes RN, Goldson AJ
Molecular genetic evidence for the prevalence of outcrossing in the hermaphroditic brooding bryozoan Celleporella hyalina
MEPS 188:73-79 | Full text in pdf format

Jenkins SR, Hawkins SJ, Norton TA
Direct and indirect effects of a macroalgal canopy and limpet grazing in structuring a sheltered inter-tidal community
MEPS 188:81-92 | Full text in pdf format

Cherel Y, Weimerskirch H
Spawning cycle of onychoteuthid squids in the southern Indian Ocean:new information from seabird predators
MEPS 188:93-104 | Full text in pdf format

Richter C, Wunsch M
Cavity-dwelling suspension feeders in coral reefs - a new link in reef trophodynamics
MEPS 188:105-116 | Full text in pdf format

Marubini F, Atkinson MJ
Effects of lowered pH and elevated nitrate on coral calcification
MEPS 188:117-121 | Full text in pdf format

Qiu JW, Qian PY
Tolerance of the barnacle Balanus amphitrite amphitrite to salinity and temperature stress:effects of previous experience
MEPS 188:123-132 | Full text in pdf format

Rey C, Carlotti F, Tande K, Hygum BH
Egg and faecal pellet production of Calanus finmarchicusfemales from controlled mesocosms and in situ populations:influence of age and feeding history
MEPS 188:133-148 | Full text in pdf format

Watkins JL, Murray AWA, Daly HI
Variation in the distribution of Antarctic krill Euphausia superba around South Georgia
MEPS 188:149-160 | Full text in pdf format

MaKinster JG, Roberts JE, Felder DL, Chlan CA, Boudreaux M, Bilodeau AL, Neigel JE
PCR amplification of a middle repetitive element detects larval stone crabs (Crustacea:Decapoda:Menippidae) in estuarine plankton samples
MEPS 188:161-168 | Full text in pdf format

Stachowicz JJ, Hay M
Reduced mobility is associated with compensatory feeding and increased diet breadth of marine crabs
MEPS 188:169-178 | Full text in pdf format

Butler IV MJ, MacDiarmid AB, Booth JD
The cause and consequence of ontogenetic changes in social aggregation in New Zealand spiny lobsters
MEPS 188:179-191 | Full text in pdf format

Aoyama J, Mochioka N, Otake T, Ishikawa S, Kawakami Y, Castle P, Nishida M, Tsukamoto K
Distribution and dispersal of anguillid leptocephali in the western Pacific Ocean revealed by molecular analysis
MEPS 188:193-200 | Full text in pdf format

Sæther BS, Christiansen JS, Jobling M
Gastrointestinal evacuation of particulate matter in polar cod Boreogadus saida
MEPS 188:201-205 | Full text in pdf format

Arvedlund M, McCormick MI, Fautin DG, Bildsøe M
Host recognition and possible imprinting in the anemonefish Amphiprion melanopus (Pisces:Pomacentridae)
MEPS 188:207-218 | Full text in pdf format

Wanless S, Finney SK, Harris MP, McCafferty DJ
Effect of the diel light cycle on the diving behaviour of two bottom feeding marine birds:the blue-eyed shag Phalacrocorax atricepsand the European shag P. aristotelis
MEPS 188:219-224 | Full text in pdf format

Velando A, Freire J
Intercolony and seasonal differences in the breeding diet of European shags on the Galician coast (NW Spain)
MEPS 188:225-236 | Full text in pdf format

Lyver POB, Moller H, Thompson C
Changes in sooty shearwater Puffinus griseuschick production and harvest precede ENSO events
MEPS 188:237-248 | Full text in pdf format

Forcada J, Hammond PS, Aguilar A
Status of the Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachusin the western Sahara and the implications of a mass mortality event
MEPS 188:249-261 | Full text in pdf format


Campana SE
Chemistry and composition of fish otoliths:pathways, mechanisms and applications
MEPS 188:263-297 | Full text in pdf format


Arai T, Aoyama J, Limbong D, Tsukamoto K
Species composition and inshore migration of the tropical eels Anguillaspp. recruiting to the estuary of the Poigar River, Sulawesi Island
MEPS 188:299-303 | Full text in pdf format

Grémillet D, Wilson RP, Wanless S, Peters G
A tropical bird in the Arctic (the cormorant paradox)
MEPS 188:305-309 | Full text in pdf format