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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 189 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 189 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN:0171-8630; Online ISSN:1616-1599)
Copyright © 1999 Inter-Research
Published November 26

All abstracts and full article pdfs in this issue are available to all users, compliments of Inter-Research.


Blackburn N, Fenchel T
Influence of bacteria, diffusion and shear on micro-scale nutrient patches, and implications for bacterial chemotaxis
MEPS 189:1-7 | Full text in pdf format

Stoderegger KE, Herndl GJ
Production of exopolymer particles by marine bacterioplankton under contrasting turbulence conditions
MEPS 189:9-16 | Full text in pdf format

Liu H, Bidigare RR, Laws E, Landry MR, Campbell L
Cell cycle and physiological characteristics of Synechococcus (WH7803) in chemostat culture
MEPS 189:17-25 | Full text in pdf format

Kimura H, Fukuba T, Naganuma T
Biomass of thraustochytrid protoctists in coastal water
MEPS 189:27-33 | Full text in pdf format

Jeffrey SW, MacTavish HS, Dunlap WC, Vesk M, Groenewoud K
Occurrence of UVA- and UVB-absorbing compounds in 152 species (206 strains) of marine microalgae
MEPS 189:35-51 | Full text in pdf format

Dunne RP
Polysulphone film as an underwater dosimeter for solar ultraviolet-B radiation in tropical latitudes
MEPS 189:53-63 | Full text in pdf format

Fraga F, Ríos AF, Pérez FF, Estrada M, Marrasé C
Effect of upwelling pulses on excess carbohydrate synthesis as deduced from nutrient, carbon dioxide and oxygen profiles
MEPS 189:65-75 | Full text in pdf format

Backhaus JO, Wehde H, Hegseth EN, Kämpf J
Phyto-convection:the role of oceanic convection in primary production
MEPS 189:77-92 | Full text in pdf format

Gaul W, Antia AN, Koeve W
Microzooplankton grazing and nitrogen supply of phytoplankton growth in the temperate and subtropical northeast Atlantic
MEPS 189:93-104 | Full text in pdf format

Buecher E, Gibbons MJ
Temporal persistence in the vertical structure of the assemblage of planktonic medusae in the NW Mediterranean Sea
MEPS 189:105-115 | Full text in pdf format

Anderson PJ, Piatt JF
Community reorganization in the Gulf of Alaska following ocean climate regime shift
MEPS 189:117-123 | Full text in pdf format

Babcock RC, Kelly S, Shears NT, Walker JW, Willis TJ
Changes in community structure in temperate marine reserves
MEPS 189:125-134 | Full text in pdf format

Le Pape O, Jean F, Ménesguen A
Pelagic and benthic trophic chain coupling in a semi-enclosed coastal system, the Bay of Brest (France):a modelling approach
MEPS 189:135-147 | Full text in pdf format

Nozais C, Desrosiers G, Gosselin M, Belzile C, Demers S
Effects of ambient UVB radiation in a meiobenthic community of a tidal mudflat
MEPS 189:149-158 | Full text in pdf format

Lapointe L, Bourget E
Influence of substratum heterogeneity scales and complexity on a temperate epibenthic marine community
MEPS 189:159-170 | Full text in pdf format

Takada Y
Influence of shade and number of boulder layers on mobile organisms on a warm temperate boulder shore
MEPS 189:171-179 | Full text in pdf format

Widdicombe S, Austen MC
Mesocosm investigation into the effects of bioturbation on the diversity and structure of a subtidal macrobenthic community
MEPS 189:181-193 | Full text in pdf format

Yuneva TV, Svetlichny LS, Yunev OA, Romanova ZA, Kideys AE, Bingel F, Uysal Z, Yilmaz A, Shulman GE
Nutritional condition of female Calanus euxinus from cyclonic and anticyclonic regions of the Black Sea
MEPS 189:195-204 | Full text in pdf format

Miron G, Boudrea B, Bourget E
Intertidal barnacle distribution:a case study using multiple working hypotheses
MEPS 189:205-219 | Full text in pdf format

Styrishave B, Aagaard A, Andersen O
In situ studies on physiology and behaviour in two colour forms of the shore crab Carcinus maenas in relation to season
MEPS 189:221-231 | Full text in pdf format

Latruffe C, McGregor PK, Oliveira RF
Visual signalling and sexual selection in male fiddler crabs Uca tangeri
MEPS 189:233-240 | Full text in pdf format

Nash RDM, Geffen AJ
Variability in Stage I egg production and settlement of plaice Pleuronectes platessa, on the west side of the Isle of Man, Irish Sea
MEPS 189:241-250 | Full text in pdf format

Moran KL, Bjorndal KA, Bolten AB
Effects of the thermal environment on the temporal pattern of emergence of hatchling loggerhead turtles Caretta caretta
MEPS 189:251-261 | Full text in pdf format

Hays GC, Luschi P, Papi F, del Seppia C, Marsh R
Changes in behaviour during the inter-nesting period and post-nesting migration for Ascension Island green turtles
MEPS 189:263-273 | Full text in pdf format

Ramage DL, Schiel DR
Patch dynamics and response to disturbance of the seagrass Zostera novazelandica on intertidal platforms in southern New Zealand
MEPS 189:275-288 | Full text in pdf format


Winning MA, Connolly RM, Loneragan NR, Bunn SE
15N enrichment as a method of separating the isotopic signatures of seagrass and its epiphytes for food web analysis
MEPS 189:289-294 | Full text in pdf format

Mariani S, Alcoverro T
A multiple-choice feeding-preference experiment utilising seagrasses with a natural population of herbivorous fishes
MEPS 189:295-299 | Full text in pdf format

Dafner EV, Sempéré R, González N, Gomez F, Goutx M
Cross-slope variations of dissolved organic carbon in the Gulf of Cadiz, NE Atlantic Ocean (February 1998)
MEPS 189:301-306 | Full text in pdf format

Bringmann G, Wolf K, Lanz T, Haase A, Hiort J, Proksch P, Müller WEG
Direct demonstration of spatial water distribution in the sponge Suberites domuncula by in vivo NMR imaging
MEPS 189:307-310 | Full text in pdf format