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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 272 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 272 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
Copyright © 2004 Inter-Research
Published May 19

All abstracts and full article pdfs in this issue are available to all users, compliments of Inter-Research.


Druon JN, Schrimpf W, Dobricic S, Stips A
Comparative assessment of large-scale marine eutrophication: North Sea area and Adriatic Sea as case studies
MEPS 272:1-23 | Full text in pdf format

Rochelle-Newall E, Delille B, Frankignoulle M, Gattuso JP, Jacquet S, Riebesell U, Terbruggen A, Zondervan I
Chromophoric dissolved organic matter in experimental mesocosms maintained under different pCO2 levels
MEPS 272:25-31 | Full text in pdf format

Anderson MJ, Ford RB, Feary DA, Honeywill C
Quantitative measures of sedimentation in an estuarine system and its relationship with intertidal soft-sediment infauna
MEPS 272:33-48 | Full text in pdf format

Wetz MS, Wheeler PA
Response of bacteria to simulated upwelling phytoplankton blooms
MEPS 272:49-57 | Full text in pdf format

Sathyendranath S, Watts L, Devred E, Platt T, Caverhill C, Maass H
Discrimination of diatoms from other phytoplankton using ocean-colour data
MEPS 272:59-68 | Full text in pdf format

Williams SL, Schroeder SL
Eradication of the invasive seaweed Caulerpa taxifolia by chlorine bleach
MEPS 272:69-76 | Full text in pdf format

Dahdouh-Guebas F, Van Pottelbergh I, Kairo JG, Cannicci S, Koedam N
Human-impacted mangroves in Gazi (Kenya): predicting future vegetation based on retrospective remote sensing, social surveys, and tree distribution
MEPS 272:77-92 | Full text in pdf format

Halpern BS
Are mangroves a limiting resource for two coral reef fishes?
MEPS 272:93-98 | Full text in pdf format

Dove S
Scleractinian corals with photoprotective host pigments are hypersensitive to thermal bleaching
MEPS 272:99-116 | Full text in pdf format

Franklin DJ, Hoegh-Guldberg O, Jones RJ, Berges JA
Cell death and degeneration in the symbiotic dinoflagellates of the coral Stylophora pistillata during bleaching
MEPS 272:117-130 | Full text in pdf format

Sahade R, Tatián M, Esnal GB
Reproductive ecology of the ascidian Cnemidocarpa verrucosa at Potter Cove, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica
MEPS 272:131-140 | Full text in pdf format

Huvet A, Fabioux C, McCombie H, Lapègue S, Boudry P
Natural hybridization between genetically differentiated populations of Crassostrea gigas and C. angulata highlighted by sequence variation in flanking regions of a microsatellite locus
MEPS 272:141-152 | Full text in pdf format

Melià P, De Leo GA, Gatto M
Density and temperature-dependence of vital rates in the Manila clam Tapes philippinarum: a stochastic demographic model
MEPS 272:153-164 | Full text in pdf format

Tarling GA, Shreeve RS, Ward P, Atkinson A, Hirst AG
Life-cycle phenotypic composition and mortality of Calanoides acutus (Copepoda: Calanoida) in the Scotia Sea: a modelling approach
MEPS 272:165-181 | Full text in pdf format

Denny CM, Willis TJ, Babcock RC
Rapid recolonisation of snapper Pagrus auratus: Sparidae within an offshore island marine reserve after implementation of no-take status
MEPS 272:183-190 | Full text in pdf format

Lee JT, Widdows J, Jones MB, Coleman RA
Settlement of megalopae and early juveniles of the velvet swimming crab Necora puber (Decapoda: Portunidae) in flow conditions
MEPS 272:191-202 | Full text in pdf format

Kawai T, Tokeshi M
Variable modes of facilitation in the upper intertidal: goose barnacles and mussels
MEPS 272:203-213 | Full text in pdf format

Seebaugh DR, Wallace WG
Importance of metal-binding proteins in the partitioning of Cd and Zn as trophically available metal (TAM) in the brine shrimp Artemia franciscana
MEPS 272:215-230 | Full text in pdf format

Jessop BM, Shiao JC, Iizuka Y, Tzeng WN
Variation in the annual growth, by sex and migration history, of silver American eels Anguilla rostrata
MEPS 272:231-244 | Full text in pdf format

Engelhard GH, Heino M
Maturity changes in Norwegian spring-spawning herring Clupea harengus: compensatory or evolutionary responses?
MEPS 272:245-256 | Full text in pdf format

Laurel BJ, Gregory RS, Brown JA, Hancock JK, Schneider DC
Behavioural consequences of density-dependent habitat use in juvenile cod Gadus morhua and G. ogac: the role of movement and aggregation
MEPS 272:257-270 | Full text in pdf format

Moran SM, Jenkins GP, Keough MJ, Hindell JS
Small-scale dynamics of secondary dispersal in a seagrass associated fish: a caging study
MEPS 272:271-280 | Full text in pdf format

Tynan CT
Cetacean populations on the SE Bering Sea shelf during the late 1990s: implications for decadal changes in ecosystem structure and carbon flow
MEPS 272:281-300 | Full text in pdf format


Marshall DJ, Keough MJ
When the going gets rough: effect of maternal size manipulation on larval quality
MEPS 272:301-305 | Full text in pdf format