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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 283 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 283 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
Copyright © 2004 Inter-Research
Published November 30

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Caron G, Michel C, Gosselin M
Seasonal contributions of phytoplankton and fecal pellets to the organic carbon sinking flux in the North Water (northern Baffin Bay)
MEPS 283:1-13 | Full text in pdf format

Höglander H, Larsson U, Hajdu S
Vertical distribution and settling of spring phytoplankton in the offshore NW Baltic Sea proper
MEPS 283:15-27 | Full text in pdf format

Fujiki T, Toda T, Kikuchi T, Aono H, Taguchi S
Phosphorus limitation of primary productivity during the spring-summer blooms in Sagami Bay, Japan
MEPS 283:29-38 | Full text in pdf format

Nieto-Cid M, Álvarez-Salgado XA, Brea S, Pérez FF
Cycling of dissolved and particulate carbohydrates in a coastal upwelling system (NW Iberian Peninsula)
MEPS 283:39-54 | Full text in pdf format

Visser AW, Jackson GA
Characteristics of the chemical plume behind a sinking particle in a turbulent water column
MEPS 283:55-71 | Full text in pdf format

Johnson ZI
Description and application of the background irradiance gradient-single turnover fluorometer (BIG-STf)
MEPS 283:73-80 | Full text in pdf format

Teo SLH, Boustany A, Blackwell S, Walli A, Weng KC, Block BA
Validation of geolocation estimates based on light level and sea surface temperature from electronic tags
MEPS 283:81-98 | Full text in pdf format

Ibarra-Obando SE, Smith SV, Poumian-Tapia M, Camacho-Ibar V, Carriquiry JD, Montes-Hugo M
Benthic metabolism in San Quintin Bay, Baja California, Mexico
MEPS 283:99-112 | Full text in pdf format

Weidner K, Lages BG, da Gama BAP, Molis M, Wahl M, Pereira RC
Effect of mesograzers and nutrient levels on induction of defenses in several Brazilian macroalgae
MEPS 283:113-125 | Full text in pdf format

Bowles JW, Bell SS
Simulated herbivory and the dynamics of disease in Thalassia testudinum
MEPS 283:127-132 | Full text in pdf format

Leys SP, Wilson K, Holeton C, Reiswig HM, Austin WC, Tunnicliffe V
Patterns of glass sponge (Porifera, Hexactinellida) distribution in coastal waters of British Columbia, Canada
MEPS 283:133-149 | Full text in pdf format

Robbart ML, Peckol P, Scordilis SP, Curran HA, Brown-Saracino J
Population recovery and differential heat shock protein expression for the corals Agaricia agaricites and A. tenuifolia in Belize
MEPS 283:151-160 | Full text in pdf format

Andréfouët S, Payri C, Hochberg EJ, Hu C, Atkinson MJ, Muller-Karger FE
Use of in situ and airborne reflectance for scaling-up spectral discrimination of coral reef macroalgae from species to communities
MEPS 283:161-177 | Full text in pdf format

Raymond JF, Himmelman JH, Guderley HE
Sex differences in biochemical composition, energy content and allocation to reproductive effort in the brooding sea star Leptasterias polaris
MEPS 283:179-190 | Full text in pdf format

McCarthy DA, Young CM
Effects of water-borne gametes on the aggregation behavior of Lytechinus variegatus
MEPS 283:191-198 | Full text in pdf format

Seuront L, Hwang JS, Tseng LC, Schmitt FG, Souissi S, Wong CK
Individual variability in the swimming behavior of the sub-tropical copepod Oncaea venusta (Copepoda: Poecilostomatoida)
MEPS 283:199-217 | Full text in pdf format

Takahashi K, Kawaguchi K
Reproductive biology of the intertidal and infralittoral mysids Archaeomysis kokuboi and A. japonica on a sandy beach in NE Japan
MEPS 283:219-231 | Full text in pdf format

Pittman SJ, McAlpine CA, Pittman KM
Linking fish and prawns to their environment: a hierarchical landscape approach
MEPS 283:233-254 | Full text in pdf format

Green J, Jones R, Brownell S
Age and growth of larval cod and haddock on Georges Bank during 1995 and 1996
MEPS 283:255-268 | Full text in pdf format

Kimball ME, Miller JM, Whitfield PE, Hare JA
Thermal tolerance and potential distribution of invasive lionfish (Pterois volitans/miles complex) on the east coast of the United States
MEPS 283:269-278 | Full text in pdf format

Burger AE, Hitchcock CL, Davoren GK
Spatial aggregations of seabirds and their prey on the continental shelf off SW Vancouver Island
MEPS 283:279-292 | Full text in pdf format


Bost CA, Charrassin JB, Clerquin Y, Ropert-Coudert Y, Le Maho Y
Exploitation of distant marginal ice zones by king penguins during winter
MEPS 283:293-297 | Full text in pdf format


Hays GC, Broderick AC, Godley BJ, Luschi P, Nichols WJ
Tracking turtles to their death
MEPS 283:299-300 | Full text in pdf format


Chaloupka M, Parker D, Balazs G
Tracking turtles to their death—reply to Hays et al.
MEPS 283:301-302 | Full text in pdf format


Giménez L
Marine community ecology: importance of trait-mediated effects propagating through complex life cycles
MEPS 283:303-310 | Full text in pdf format