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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS 350:175-178 (2007)  -  DOI:

Role of scavengers in marine ecosystems: Introduction

King NJ1,*, Bailey DM2, Priede IG1

1Oceanlab, University of Aberdeen, Main Street, Newburgh, Aberdeenshire AB41 6AA, UK
2University of Glasgow, Institute of Biomedical and Life Sciences, Graham Kerr Building, Glasgow G12 8QQ, UK

Theme Section Contents

King NJ, Bailey DM, Priede IG
MEPS 350:175-178

Bailey DM, King NJ, Priede IG
Cameras and carcasses: historical and current methods for using artificial food falls to study deep-water animals
MEPS 350:179-191

Barry JP, Drazen JC
Response of deep-sea scavengers to ocean acidification and the odor from a dead grenadier
MEPS 350:193-207

Cappo M, De’ath G, Speare P
Inter-reef vertebrate communities of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park determined by baited remote underwater video stations
MEPS 350:209-221

Farnsworth KD, Thygesen UH, Ditlevsen S, King NJ
How to estimate scavenger fish abundance using baited camera data
MEPS 350:223-234

Furness RW, Edwards AE, Oro D
Influence of management practices and of scavenging seabirds on availability of fisheries discards to benthic scavengers
MEPS 350:235-244

Harvey ES, Cappo M, Butler JJ, Hall N, Kendrick GA
Bait attraction affects the performance of remote underwater video stations in assessment of demersal fish community structure
MEPS 350:245-254

Heagney EC, Lynch TP, Babcock RC, Suthers IM
Pelagic fish assemblages assessed using mid-water baited video: standardising fish counts using bait plume size
MEPS 350:255-266

Kaiser MJ, Hiddink JG
Food subsidies from fisheries to continental shelf benthic scavengers
MEPS 350:267-276

Malcolm HA, Gladstone W, Lindfield S, Wraith J, Lynch TP
Spatial and temporal variation in reef fish assemblages of marine parks in New South Wales, Australia—baited video observations
MEPS 350:277-290

Raymond EH, Widder EA
Behavioral responses of two deep-sea fish species to red, far-red, and white light
MEPS 350:291-298

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Cite this article as: King NJ, Bailey DM, Priede IG (2007) Role of scavengers in marine ecosystems: Introduction. Mar Ecol Prog Ser 350:175-178.

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