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Mills DJ, Johnson CR, Gardner C
Bias in lobster tethering experiments conducted for selecting low-predation release sites
MEPS 364:1-13 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format


Wells BK, Field JC, Thayer JA, Grimes CB, Bograd SJ, Sydeman WJ, Schwing FB, Hewitt R
Untangling the relationships among climate, prey and top predators in an ocean ecosystem
MEPS 364:15-29 | Full text in pdf format

Schoor A, Selig U, Geiß-Brunschweiger U, Schaible R, Schumann R, Schubert B, Feuerpfeil P, Hagemann M, Schubert H
Phytoplankton diversity and photosynthetic acclimation along a longitudinal transect through a shallow estuary in summer
MEPS 364:31-46 | Full text in pdf format

Fossheim M, Primicerio R
Habitat choice by marine zooplankton in a high-latitude ecosystem
MEPS 364:47-56 | Full text in pdf format

Vaselli S, Bertocci I, Maggi E, Benedetti-Cecchi L
Effects of mean intensity and temporal variance of sediment scouring events on assemblages of rocky shores
MEPS 364:57-66 | Full text in pdf format

Hétérier V, David B, De Ridder C, Rigaud T
Ectosymbiosis is a critical factor in the local benthic biodiversity of the Antarctic deep sea
MEPS 364:67-76 | Full text in pdf format

Bulleri F, Benedetti-Cecchi L
Facilitation of the introduced green alga Caulerpa racemosa by resident algal turfs: experimental evaluation of underlying mechanisms
MEPS 364:77-86 | Full text in pdf format

Parker JD, Montoya JP, Hay ME
A specialist detritivore links Spartina alterniflora to salt marsh food webs
MEPS 364:87-95 | Full text in pdf format

D’Angelo C, Denzel A, Vogt A, Matz MV, Oswald F, Salih A, Nienhaus GU, Wiedenmann J
Blue light regulation of host pigment in reef-building corals
MEPS 364:97-106 | Full text in pdf format

Tsang LM, Chan BKK, Wu TH, Ng WC, Chatterjee T, Williams GA, Chu KH,
Population differentiation in the barnacle Chthamalus malayensis: postglacial colonization and recent connectivity across the Pacific and Indian Oceans
MEPS 364:107-118 | Full text in pdf format

Berger MS, Jelinski DE
Spatial patterns of maternal investment in Strongylocentrotus franciscanus along a marine-terrestrial gradient
MEPS 364:119-127 | Full text in pdf format

Johnson SL, Yund PO
Multiple paternity and subsequent fusion-rejection interactions in a kin-structured population
MEPS 364:129-134 | Full text in pdf format

Villéger S, Ramos Miranda J, Flores Hernandez D, Sosa Lopez A, Mouillot D
Stable trophic structure across coastal nekton assemblages despite high species turnover
MEPS 364:135-146 | Full text in pdf format

Halpern BS, Floeter SR
Functional diversity responses to changing species richness in reef fish communities
MEPS 364:147-156 | Full text in pdf format

Muhling BA, Beckley LE, Gaughan DJ, Jones CM, Miskiewicz AG, Hesp SA
Spawning, larval abundance and growth rate of Sardinops sagax off southwestern Australia: influence of an anomalous eastern boundary current
MEPS 364:157-167 | Full text in pdf format

Sabatés A, Zaragoza N, Grau C, Salat J
Vertical distribution of early developmental stages in two coexisting clupeoid species, Sardinella aurita and Engraulis encrasicolus
MEPS 364:169-180 | Full text in pdf format

Greenstreet SPR, Piet GJ
Assessing the sampling effort required to estimate a species diversity in the groundfish assemblages of the North Sea
MEPS 364:181-197 | Full text in pdf format

Sackett DK, Able KW, Grothues TM
Habitat dynamics of summer flounder Paralichthys dentatus within a shallow USA estuary, based on multiple approaches using acoustic telemetry
MEPS 364:199-212 | Full text in pdf format


Implications of large-scale iron fertilization of the oceans
Idea: Howard Browman, Philip W. Boyd
Coordination: Philip W. Boyd

MEPS 364:213-309 | Complete Theme Section in pdf format (2 MB)

Boyd PW
Introduction and synthesis
MEPS 364:213-218 | Full text in pdf format

Denman KL
Climate change, ocean processes and ocean iron fertilization
MEPS 364:219-225 | Full text in pdf format

Freestone D, Rayfuse R
Ocean iron fertilization and international law
MEPS 364:227-233 | Full text in pdf format

Orbach MK
Cultural context of ocean fertilization
MEPS 364:235-242 | Full text in pdf format

Huesemann MH
Ocean fertilization and other climate change mitigation strategies: an overview
MEPS 364:243-250 | Full text in pdf format

Leinen M
Building relationships between scientists and business in ocean iron fertilization
MEPS 364:251-256 | Full text in pdf format

Karl DM, Letelier RM
Nitrogen fixation-enhanced carbon sequestration in low nitrate, low chlorophyll seascapes
MEPS 364:257-268 | Full text in pdf format | See Comment and Reply Comment on this article

de Baar HJW, Gerringa LJA, Laan P, Timmermans KR
Efficiency of carbon removal per added iron in ocean iron fertilization
MEPS 364:269-282 | Full text in pdf format

Law CS
Predicting and monitoring the effects of large-scale ocean iron fertilization on marine trace gas emissions
MEPS 364:283-288 | Full text in pdf format

Gnanadesikan A, Marinov I
Export is not enough: nutrient cycling and carbon sequestration
MEPS 364:289-294 | Full text in pdf format

Cullen JJ, Boyd PW
Predicting and verifying the intended and unintended consequences of large-scale ocean iron fertilization
MEPS 364:295-301 | Full text in pdf format

Watson AJ, Boyd PW, Turner SM, Jickells TD, Liss PS
Designing the next generation of ocean iron fertilization experiments
MEPS 364:303-309 | Full text in pdf format