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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 611 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 611 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
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Brault EK, Koch PL, Costa DP, McCarthy MD, Hückstädt LA, Goetz KT, McMahon KW, Goebel ME, Karlsson O, Teilmann J, Harkonen T, Harding KC
Trophic position and foraging ecology of Ross, Weddell, and crabeater seals revealed by compound-specific isotope analysis
MEPS 611:1-18 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format


Lee WY, Kuhn NL
Multivariate approach for identifying environmental indicator species in estuarine systems
MEPS 611:19-29 | Full text in pdf format

Søgaard DH, Deming JW, Meire L, Rysgaard S
Effects of microbial processes and CaCO3 dynamics on inorganic carbon cycling in snow-covered Arctic winter sea ice
MEPS 611:31-44 | Full text in pdf format

Busch M, Caron D, Moorthi S
Growth and grazing control of the dinoflagellate Lingulodinium polyedrum in a natural plankton community
MEPS 611:45-58 | Full text in pdf format

Scheschonk L, Becker S, Hehemann JH, Diehl N, Karsten U, Bischof K
Arctic kelp eco-physiology during the polar night in the face of global warming: a crucial role for laminarin
MEPS 611:59-74 | Full text in pdf format

Cheney D, Logan JM, Gardner K, Sly E, Wysor B, Greenwood S
Bioaccumulation of PCBs by a seaweed bloom (Ulva rigida) and transfer to higher trophic levels in an estuarine food web
MEPS 611:75-93 | Full text in pdf format

Kim HG, Hawkins LE, Godbold JA, OH CW, Rho HS, Hawkins SJ
Comparison of nematode assemblages associated with Sargassum muticum in its native range in South Korea and as an invasive species in the English Channel
MEPS 611:95-110 | Full text in pdf format

Agawin NSR, Ferriol P, Sintes E
Simultaneous measurements of nitrogen fixation in different plant tissues of the seagrass Posidonia oceanica
MEPS 611:111-127 | Full text in pdf format

Ryan WH, Miller TE
Reproductive strategy changes across latitude in a clonal sea anemone
MEPS 611:129-141 | Full text in pdf format

Knoester EG, Murk AJ, Osinga R
Benefits of herbivorous fish outweigh costs of corallivory in coral nurseries placed close to a Kenyan patch reef
MEPS 611:143-155 | Full text in pdf format

Bethoney ND, Stokesbury KDE
Implications of extremely high recruitment: crowding and reduced growth within spatial closures
MEPS 611:157-165 | Full text in pdf format

Cartaxana P, Rey F, Ribeiro M, Moreira ASP, Domingues MRM, Calado R, Cruz S
Nutritional state determines reproductive investment in the mixotrophic sea slug Elysia viridis
MEPS 611:167-177 | Full text in pdf format

Carrier TJ, Reitzel AM
Bacterial community dynamics during embryonic and larval development of three confamilial echinoids
MEPS 611:179-188 | Full text in pdf format

Paxton AB, Taylor JC, Peterson CH, Fegley SR, Rosman JH
Consistent spatial patterns in multiple trophic levels occur around artificial habitats
MEPS 611:189-202 | Full text in pdf format

Austin RE, De Pascalis F, Arnould JPY, Haakonsson J, Votier SC, Ebanks-Petrie G, Austin T, Morgan G, Bennett G, Green JA
A sex-influenced flexible foraging strategy in a tropical seabird, the magnificent frigatebird
MEPS 611:203-214 | Full text in pdf format


Buba Y, Belmaker J
Native-exotic diversity relationships for Eastern Mediterranean fishes reveal a weak pattern of interactions
MEPS 611:215-220 | Full text in pdf format