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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 700 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 700 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
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Infantes E, Hoeks S, Adams MP, van der Heide T, van Katwijk MM, Bouma TJ
Seagrass roots strongly reduce cliff erosion rates in sandy sediments
MEPS 700:1-12 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format


Säring F, Veit-Köhler G, Seifert D, Liskow I, Link H
Sea-ice-related environmental drivers affect meiofauna and macrofauna communities differently at large scales (Southern Ocean, Antarctic)
MEPS 699:13-37 | Full text in pdf format

Lauer DA, Reaka ML
Depth distributions of benthic and pelagic species highlight the potential of mesophotic and deep habitats to serve as marine refugia
MEPS 700:39-52 | Full text in pdf format

Colossi Brustolin M, Gladstone-Gallagher RV, Hewitt J, Lohrer AM, Thrush SF
The importance of shell debris for within-patch heterogeneity and disturbance-recovery dynamics of intertidal macrofauna
MEPS 700:53-64 | Full text in pdf format

Albano PG, Sabbatini A, Lattanzio J, Päßler JF, Steger J, Hua Q, Kaufman DS, Szidat S, Zuschin M, Negri A
Alleged Lessepsian foraminifera prove native and suggest Pleistocene range expansions into the Mediterranean Sea
MEPS 700:65-78 | Full text in pdf format

Guenther R, Porcher EMA, Carrington E, Martone PT
Effects of temperature and pH on the growth, calcification, and biomechanics of two species of articulated coralline algae
MEPS 700:79-93 | Full text in pdf format

Roper CD, Camp EF, Edmondson J, Suggett DJ
Combined impacts of natural recruitment and active propagation for coral population recovery on the Great Barrier Reef
MEPS 700:95-109 | Full text in pdf format

McFarland K, Vignier J, Standen E, Volety AK
Synergistic effects of salinity and temperature on the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica throughout the lifespan
MEPS 700:111-124 | Full text in pdf format

Harbison T, Rogers M, Henkel S
Assessing commercial fishery bait in Dungeness crab Cancer magister feeding ecology: δ13C and δ15N stable isotope and gut content analysis
MEPS 700:125-143 | Full text in pdf format

Harty K, Guerrero M, Knochel AM, Stevens GMW, Marshall A, Burgess K, Stewart JD
Demographics and dynamics of the world’s largest known population of oceanic manta rays Mobula birostris in coastal Ecuador
MEPS 700:145-159 | Full text in pdf format

Xuan Z, Wang X, Hajisamae S, Tsim KWK, Yang J, Wang WX
Otolith microchemistry reveals different environmental histories for two endangered fourfinger threadfin species
MEPS 700:161-178 | Full text in pdf format

Gross E, Kimmerer W, Korman J, Lewis L, Burdick S, Grimaldo L
Hatching distribution, abundance, and losses to freshwater diversions of longfin smelt inferred using hydrodynamic and particle-tracking models
MEPS 700:179-196 | Full text in pdf format

Howell et al., MEPS 695:33-51 (2022)
MEPS 700:197 | Full text in pdf format