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Aquaculture Environment Interactions

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Aquaculture Environment Interactions

Aquaculture Environment Interactions (AEI) is a multidisciplinary international forum for primary research studies on environmental sustainability of aquaculture. Tim Dempster (Melbourne, Australia) is the Editor-in-Chief.

All articles are freely accessible to all users. AEI is published entirely Open Access using the Creative Commons by Attribution (CC-BY) LicenceClick here for information on Open Access fees. AEI is published online-only (from Vol 8).

Note: We are switching to a new online submission system (Manuscript Manager). New submissions must be submitted via the "Submit your manuscript" button below. For revision submissions, please refer to the instructions you received from the Editorial Office in your decision letter.

Print : ISSN 1869-215X

Online : ISSN 1869-7534

2019: 11
2018: 10
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2015: 7 (
1, Vol 7, pages 1-89
2, Vol 7, pages 91-192
3Vol 7, pages 193-295
2014: 5 (
1, Vol 5, pages 1-98
2, Vol 5, pages 99-183
3Vol 5, pages 185-270
), 6 (
1, Vol 6, pages 1-117
2, Vol 6, pages 119-203
3Vol 6, pages 205-284
2013: 3 (
1, Vol 3, pages 1-91
2, Vol 3, pages 93-186
3Vol 3, pages 187-291
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1, Vol 1, pages i-83
2, Vol 1, pages 85-174
3Vol 1, pages 175-274
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1, Vol 2, pages 1-104
2, Vol 2, pages 105-191
3Vol 2, pages 193-292

In-press articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.


Q 334
Velasco LA, Barros J
Survival and growth of the Caribbean scallops, Argopecten nucleus and Nodipecten nodosus, in suspended systems at different culture depths and net replacement frequencies
Prepress abstract

Q 336
Oliver R, Fuhrmann M, Hick P
The effect of air exposure, handling stress and imidacloprid on the susceptibility of Crassostrea gigas to ostreid herpesvirus 1 (OsHV-1)
Prepress abstract

Q 339
Montalto V, Rinaldi A, Ape F, Mangano MC, Gristina M, Sarà G, Mirto S
Functional role of biofouling linked to aquaculture facilities in mediterranean enclosed locations
Prepress abstract

Q 340
Howarth LM, Filgueira R, Jiang D, Koepke H, Frame MK, Buchwald C, Finnis S, Chopin T, Costanzo SD, Grant J
Using macroalgal bioindicators to map nutrient plumes from fish farms and other sources at a bay-wide scale
Prepress abstract

Q 342
Skarðhamar J, Nilsen Fagerli M, Reigstad M, Sandvik AD, Bjørn PA
Sampling planktonic salmon lice in Norwegian fjords
Prepress abstract

Q 343
Samuelsen OB, Parsons AE, Agnalt AL, Tjensvoll T, Lunestad BT, Hannisdal R
Mortality in the rockpool shrimp Palaemon elegans following long-term exposure to low doses of the anti-parasitic drug teflubenzuron
Prepress abstract

Q 344
Crosbie T, Wright DW, Oppedal F, Dalvin S, Myksvoll MS, Dempster T
Impact of thermoclines on the vertical distribution of salmon lice larvae
Prepress abstract

Q 345
Overton K, Barrett LT, Oppedal F, Kristiansen TS, Dempster T
Sea lice removal by cleaner fish in salmon aquaculture: a review of the evidence base
Prepress abstract

Q 346
Bradbury IR, Duffy S, Lehnert SJ, Johannsson R, Fridriksson JH, Castellani M, Burgetz I, Sylvester E, Messmer A, Layton K, Kelly N, Dempson JB, Fleming IA
Model-based evaluation of the genetic impacts of farm-escaped Atlantic salmon on wild populations
Prepress abstract

Last updated: December 5, 2019