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Aquaculture Environment Interactions
Aquaculture Environment Interactions

Aquaculture Environment Interactions (AEI) is a multidisciplinary international forum for primary research studies on environmental sustainability of aquaculture. Tim Dempster (Melbourne, Australia) and Marianne Holmer (Odense, Denmark) are the Editors-in-Chief.

All articles are freely accessible to all users. AEI is published entirely Open Access using the Creative Commons by Attribution (CC-BY) LicenceClick here for information on Open Access fees. AEI is published online-only (from Vol 8).

Print : ISSN 1869-215X

Online : ISSN 1869-7534

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In-press articles are listed online shortly after acceptance. Prepress abstracts are also made available. These have not yet been fully checked and copyedited and are therefore subject to change before actual publication. The article is however citable as "in press", using the DOI.


Q 319
Ghaderiardakani F, Califano G, Mohr JF, Abreu MH, Coates JC, Wichard T
Analysis of algal growth- and morphogenesis-promoting bacterial factors (AGPFs) in an integrated multi-trophic aquaculture system for farming the green seaweed Ulva
Prepress abstract

Q 320
Hamre LA, Bui S, Oppedal F, Skern-Mauritzen R, Dalvin S
Development of the salmon louse Lepeophtheirus salmonis parasitic stages in temperatures ranging from 3 to 24°C
Prepress abstract

Q 321
Oppedal F, Bui S, Stien LH, Overton K, Dempster T
Snorkel technology to reduce sea lice infestations: efficacy depends on salinity at the farm site, but snorkels have minimal effects on salmon production and welfare
Prepress abstract

Q 322
Fjørtoft HB, Nilsen F, Besnier F, Stene A, Bjørn PA, Tveten AK, Aspehaug VT, Finstad B, Glover KA
Salmon lice sampled from wild Atlantic salmon and sea trout throughout Norway display high frequencies of the genotype associated with pyrethroid resistance
Prepress abstract

Q 323
Thorvaldsen T, Frank K, Sunde LM
Practices to obtain lice counts at Norwegian salmon farms: Status and possible implications for representativity
Prepress abstract

Q 324
Groner ML, Laurin E, Stormoen M, Sanchez J, Fast MD, Revie CW
Evaluating the potential for sea lice to evolve freshwater tolerance as a consequence of freshwater treatments in salmon aquaculture
Prepress abstract

Q 325
English CJ, Swords F, Downes JK, Ruane NM, Botwright NA, Taylor RS, Barnes AC, Wynne JW, Lima PC, Cook MT
Prevalence of six amoeba species colonising the gills of farmed Atlantic salmon with amoebic gill disease (AGD) using qPCR
Prepress abstract

Q 326
Mahlum S, Skoglund H, Wiers T, Norman ES, Barlaup BT, Wennevik V, Glover KA, Urdal K, Bakke G, Vollset KW
Swimming with fish: validating drift diving to identify farmed Atlantic salmon escapees in the wild
Prepress abstract

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