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Aquatic Microbial Ecology

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AME - Vol. 71, No. 3 - Table of contents

AME - Vol. 71, No. 3 - Table of contents

Aquat Microb Ecol (Print ISSN: 0948-3055; Online ISSN: 1616-1564)
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Yang Y, Yokokawa T, Motegi C, Nagata T
Large-scale distribution of viruses in deep waters of the Pacific and Southern Oceans
AME 71:193-202 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format

Mojica KDA, Evans C, Brussaard CPD
Flow cytometric enumeration of marine viral populations at low abundances
AME 71:203-209 | Full text in pdf format

Grattepanche JD, Santoferrara LF, Andrade J, Oliverio AM, McManus GB, Katz LA
Distribution and diversity of oligotrich and choreotrich ciliates assessed by morphology and DGGE in temperate coastal waters
AME 71:211-221 | Full text in pdf format

Algar CK, Vallino JJ
Predicting microbial nitrate reduction pathways in coastal sediments
AME 71:223-238 | Full text in pdf format

Staniewski MA, Short SM
Potential viral stimulation of primary production observed during experimental determinations of phytoplankton mortality
AME 71:239-256 | Full text in pdf format

Chrzanowski TH, Foster BLL
Prey element stoichiometry controls ecological fitness of the flagellate Ochromonas danica
AME 71:257-269 | Full text in pdf format

Wu W, Huang B, Zhong C
Photosynthetic picoeukaryote assemblages in the South China Sea from the Pearl River estuary to the SEATS station
AME 71:271-284 | Full text in pdf format