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CR - Vol. 40, No. 1 - Table of contents

CR - Vol. 40, No. 1 - Table of contents

Clim Res (Print ISSN: 0936-577X; Online ISSN: 1616-1572)
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Johannessen SC, Macdonald RW
Effects of local and global change on an inland sea: the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia, Canada
CR 40:1-21 | Full text in pdf format

Xiong W, Conway D, Lin E, Holman I
Potential impacts of climate change and climate variability on China’s rice yield and production
CR 40:23-35 | Full text in pdf format

Dong J, Liu J, Tao F, Xu X, Wang J
Spatio-temporal changes in annual accumulated temperature in China and the effects on cropping systems, 1980s to 2000
CR 40:37-48 | Full text in pdf format

Phan VT, Ngo-Duc T, Ho TMH
Seasonal and interannual variations of surface climate elements over Vietnam
CR 40:49-60 | Full text in pdf format

Rajmis S, Barkmann J, Marggraf R
User community preferences for climate change mitigation and adaptation measures around Hainich National Park, Germany
CR 40:61-73 | Full text in pdf format

Wu J, Fu C, Xu Y, Tang J, Han Z, Zhang R
Effects of total aerosol on temperature and precipitation in East Asia
CR 40:75-87 | Full text in pdf format

Choi W, Rasmussen PF, Moore AR, Kim SJ
Simulating streamflow response to climate scenarios in central Canada using a simple statistical downscaling method
CR 40:89-102 | Full text in pdf format

Lowrey JL, Ray AJ, Webb RS
Factors influencing the use of climate information by Colorado municipal water managers
CR 40:103-119 | Full text in pdf format