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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 105 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
Copyright © 1994 Inter-Research.

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Andersen, L. W., Siegismund, H. R.
Genetic evidence for migration of males between schools of the long-finned pilot whale Globicephala melas
MEPS 105:1-7 | Full text in pdf format

Olesen, N. J., Frandsen, K., Riisgard, H. U.
Population dynamics, growth and energetics of jellYfish Aurelia aurita in a shallow fjord
MEPS 105:9-18 | Full text in pdf format

Soetaert, K., Herman, P. M. J.
One foot in the grave: zooplankton drift into the Westerschelde estuary (The Netherlands)
MEPS 105:19-29 | Full text in pdf format

González, H. E., Gonzalez, S. R., Brummer, G.-J. A.
Short-term sedimentation pattern of zooplankton, faeces and microplankton at a permanent station in the Bjornafjorden (Norway) during April-May 1992
MEPS 105:31-45 | Full text in pdf format

Ray, M., Stoner, A. W.
Experimental analysis of growth and survivorship in a marine gastropod aggregation: balancing growth with safety in numbers
MEPS 105:47-59 | Full text in pdf format

Trowbridge, C. D.
Defensive responses and payability of specialist herbivores: predation on NE Pacific ascoglossan gastropods
MEPS 105:61-70 | Full text in pdf format

Kennedy, A. D.
Carbon partitioning within meiobenthic nematode communities in the Exe Estuary, UK
MEPS 105:71-78 | Full text in pdf format

Somerfield, P. J., Gee, J. M., Warwick, R. M.
Soft sediment meiofaunal community structure in relation to a long-term heavy metal gradient in the Fal estuary system
MEPS 105:79-88 | Full text in pdf format

Metaxas, A., Hunt, H. L, Scheibling, R. E.
Spatial and temporal variability of macrobenthic communities in tidepools on a rocky shore in Nova Scotia, Canada
MEPS 105:89-103 | Full text in pdf format

Ormond, R. F. G., Banaimoon, S. A.
Ecology of intertidal macroalgal assemblages on the Hadramout coast of southern Yemen, an area of seasonal upwelling
MEPS 105:105-120 | Full text in pdf format

Burkholder, J. M., Glasgow, H. B. Jr, Cooke, J. E.
Comparative effects of water-column nitrate enrichment on eelgrass Zostera marina, shoalgrass Halo-dule wrightii, and widgeongrass Ruppia maritime
MEPS 105:121-138 | Full text in pdf format

Kühl, M., Lassen, C, Jorgensen, B. B.
Light penetration and light intensity in sandy marine sediments measured with irradiance and scalar irradiance fiber-optic microprobes
MEPS 105:139-148 | Full text in pdf format

Johnsen, G., Samset, O., Granskog, L., Sakshaug, E.
In vivo absorption characteristics in 10 classes of bloom-forming phytoplankton: taxonomic characteristics and responses to photoadaptation by means of discriminant and HPLC analysis
MEPS 105:149-157 | Full text in pdf format

Allali, K., Dolan, J., Rassoulzadegan, F.
Culture characteristics and orthophosphate excretion of a marine oligotrich ciliate, Strombidium sulcatum, fed heat-killed bacteria
MEPS 105:159-165 | Full text in pdf format

Eccleston-Parry, J. D., Leadbeater, B. S. C.
A comparison of the growth kinetics of six marine heterotrophic nanoflagellates fed with one bacterial species
MEPS 105:167-177 | Full text in pdf format

Putt, M., Miceli, G., Stoecker, D. K.
Association of bacteria with Phaeocystis sp. In McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
MEPS 105:179-189 | Full text in pdf format

Slezak, D. M., Puskaric, S., Herndl, G. J.
Potential role of acrylic acid in bacterioplankton communities in the sea
MEPS 105:191-197 | Full text in pdf format

Kamiyama, T.
Effects of extracellular products from phytoplankton on the excystment of tintinnids from marine sediments
MEPS 105:199-201 | Full text in pdf format

Pujo-Pay, M., Raimbault, P.
improvement of the wet-oxidation procedure for simultaneous determination of particulate organic nitrogen and phosphorus collected on filters
MEPS 105:203-207 | Full text in pdf format

Brown, B. E., Le Tissier, M. D. A., Dunne, R. P.
Tissue retraction in the scleractinian coral Coelosehs mayeri, its effect upon coral pigmentation, and preliminary implications for heat balance
MEPS 105:209-218 | Full text in pdf format

Brown, B. E., Dunne, R. P., Scoffin, T. P., Le Tissier, M. D. A.
Solar damage in intertidal corals
MEPS 105:219-230 | Full text in pdf format

Guzmán, H. M., Burns, K. A., Jackson, J. B. C.
Injury, regeneration and growth of Caribbean reef corals after a major oil spill in Panama
MEPS 105:231-241 | Full text in pdf format

McGehee, M. A.
Correspondence between assemblages of coral reef fishes and gradients of water motion, depth, and substrate size off Puerto Rico
MEPS 105:243-255 | Full text in pdf format

Whitfield, A. K.
Abundance of larval and 0+ juvenile marine fishes in the lower reaches of three southern African estuaries with differing freshwater inputs
MEPS 105:257-267 | Full text in pdf format

Yamashita, Y., Nagahora, S., Yamada, H., Kitagawa, D.
Effects of release size on survival and growth of Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus in coastal waters off Iwate Prefecture, northeastern Japan
MEPS 105:269-276 | Full text in pdf format

Alkemade, R., Wielemaker, A., Herman, P. M. J., Hemminga, M. A.
Population dynamics of Diplolaimelloides bruciei, a nematode associated with the salt marsh plant Spartina anglica
MEPS 105:277-284 | Full text in pdf format

Pelegri, S. P., Nielsen, L. P., Blackburn, T. H.
Denitrification in estuarine sediment stimulated by the irrigation activity of the amphipod Corophium volutator
MEPS 105:285-290 | Full text in pdf format

Poremba, K.
Simulated degradation of phytodetritus in deep-sea sediments of the NE Atlantic (47° N, 19° W)
MEPS 105:291-299 | Full text in pdf format

Sciandra, A., Amara, R.
Effects of nitrogen limitation on growth and nitrite excretion rates of the dinoflagellate Prorocentrum minimum
MEPS 105:301-309 | Full text in pdf format