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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 559 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 559 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN: 0171-8630; Online ISSN: 1616-1599)
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Edmunds PJ, Lasker HR
Cryptic regime shift in benthic community structure on shallow reefs in St. John, US Virgin Islands
MEPS 559:1-12 | More Information... | Full text in pdf format


Miyashita LK, Richardson JP, Duffy JE
Effects of predator richness and habitat heterogeneity on prey suppression in an estuarine food chain
MEPS 559:13-20 | Full text in pdf format

Bernardello R, Serrano E, Coma R, Ribes M, Bahamon N
A comparison of remote-sensing SST and in situ seawater temperature in near-shore habitats in the western Mediterranean Sea
MEPS 559:21-34 | Full text in pdf format

Bergman JL, Dang BN, Tabatabaee MM, McGowan MM, Fong CR, Bittick SJ, Fong P
Nutrients induce and herbivores maintain thallus toughness, a structural anti-herbivory defense in Turbinaria ornata
MEPS 559:35-43 | Full text in pdf format

Weinstein DK, Sharifi A, Klaus JS, Smith TB, Giri SJ, Helmle KP
Coral growth, bioerosion, and secondary accretion of living orbicellid corals from mesophotic reefs in the US Virgin Islands
MEPS 559:45-63 | Full text in pdf format

Foster T, Gilmour JP
Seeing red: Coral larvae are attracted to healthy-looking reefs
MEPS 559:65-71 | Full text in pdf format

Widmer CL, Fox CJ, Brierley AS
Effects of temperature and salinity on four species of northeastern Atlantic scyphistomae (Cnidaria: Scyphozoa)
MEPS 559:73-88 | Full text in pdf format

Norrie CR, Dunphy BJ, Baker JA, Lundquist CJ
Local-scale variation in trace elemental fingerprints of the estuarine bivalve Austrovenus stutchburyi within and between estuaries
MEPS 559:89-102 | Full text in pdf format

Dunn PH, Zarulli V, Levitis DA
Beyond being eaten or swept away: ontogenetic transitions drive developmental mortality in marine barnacle larvae
MEPS 559:103-116 | Full text in pdf format

Mos B, Dworjanyn SA
Early metamorphosis is costly and avoided by young, but physiologically competent, marine larvae
MEPS 559:117-129 | Full text in pdf format

Garrido S, Cristóvão A, Caldeira C, Ben-Hamadou R, Baylina N, Batista H, Saiz E, Peck MA, Ré P, Santos AMP
Effect of temperature on the growth, survival, development and foraging behaviour of Sardina pilchardus larvae
MEPS 559:131-145 | Full text in pdf format

Pérez-Matus A, Sánchez F, González-But JC, Lamb RW
Understory algae associations and predation risk influence broad-scale kelp habitat use in a temperate reef fish
MEPS 559:147-158 | Full text in pdf format

Brewster JD, Giraldo C, Swanson H, Walkusz W, Loewen TN, Reist JD, Stern GA, Loseto LL
Ecological niche of coastal Beaufort Sea fishes defined by stable isotopes and fatty acids
MEPS 559:159-173 | Full text in pdf format

Eggertsen L, Hammar L, Gullström M
Effects of tidal current-induced flow on reef fish behaviour and function on a subtropical rocky reef
MEPS 559:175-192 | Full text in pdf format

Jonsson B, Jonsson M, Jonsson N
Optimal size at seaward migration in an anadromous salmonid
MEPS 559:193-200 | Full text in pdf format

Moore JW, Gordon J, Carr-Harris C, Gottesfeld AS, Wilson SM, Russell JH
Assessing estuaries as stopover habitats for juvenile Pacific salmon
MEPS 559:201-215 | Full text in pdf format

Howell LN, Reich KJ, Shaver DJ, Landry AM Jr, Gorga CC
Ontogenetic shifts in diet and habitat of juvenile green sea turtles in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico
MEPS 559:217-229 | Full text in pdf format

Grecian WJ, Taylor GA, Loh G, McGill RAR, Miskelly CM, Phillips RA, Thompson DR, Furness RW
Contrasting migratory responses of two closely related seabirds to long-term climate change
MEPS 559:231-242 | Full text in pdf format

Lübcker N, Condit R, Beltran RS, de Bruyn PJN, Bester MN
Vibrissal growth parameters of southern elephant seals Mirounga leonina: obtaining fine-scale, time-based stable isotope data
MEPS 559:243-255 | Full text in pdf format


Ventura P, Jarrold MD, Merle PL, Barnay-Verdier S, Zamoum T, Rodolfo-Metalpa R, Calosi P, Furla P
Resilience to ocean acidification: decreased carbonic anhydrase activity in sea anemones under high pCO2 conditions
MEPS 559:257-263 | Full text in pdf format