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Aquatic Microbial Ecology

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AME - Vol. 85 - Table of contents

AME - Vol. 85 - Table of contents

Aquat Microb Ecol (Print ISSN: 0948-3055; Online ISSN: 1616-1564)
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Seballos RC, Wyatt KH, Bernot RJ, Brown SP, Chandra S, Rober AR
Nutrient availability and organic matter quality shape bacterial community structure in a lake biofilm
AME 85:1-18 | Full text in pdf format

Allen R, Summerfield TC, Currie K, Dillingham PW, Hoffmann LJ
Distinct processes structure bacterioplankton and protist communities across an oceanic front
AME 85:19-34 | Full text in pdf format

Thompson SK, Cotner JB
P-limitation drives changes in DOM production by aquatic bacteria
AME 85:35-46 | Full text in pdf format

Jiang Y, Liu Y
Influence of increased nutrient supply on Microcystis aeruginosa at cellular and proteomic levels
AME 85:47-58 | Full text in pdf format

Lin D, Zhu L, Qiu C, Mu X, Zhang S, Ohore OE
Ammonium loading drives bacterial community shifts in biofilms attached to the submerged macrophyte Hydrilla verticillata
AME 85:59-69 | Full text in pdf format

Bézy VS, Hill-Spanik KM, Plante CJ
Unearthing the sand microbiome of sea turtle nests with disparate survivorship at a mass-nesting beach in Costa Rica
AME 85:71-83 | Full text in pdf format

Alvarez MF, Benítez HH, Solari LC, Villegas Cortés JC, Gabellone NA, Claps MC
Effects of polyphenols on plankton assemblages and bacterial abundance representative of a pampean shallow lake: an experimental study
AME 85:85-100 | Full text in pdf format

Becker CC, Weber L, Suca JJ, Llopiz JK, Mooney TA, Apprill A
Microbial and nutrient dynamics in mangrove, reef, and seagrass waters over tidal and diurnal time scales
AME 85:101-119 | Full text in pdf format

Tsuchiya K, Sano T, Tomioka N, Kazuhiro K, Imai A, Hayakawa K, Nagata T, Okamoto T, Kuwahara VS, Kohzu A
Novel method for measuring aquatic bacterial productivity using D10-leucine based on protein synthesis rate
AME 85:121-129 | Full text in pdf format

Shen S, Shimizu Y
Contribution of large bacteria to bacterial biomass in a deep freshwater lake (Lake Biwa, Japan)
AME 85:131-139 | Full text in pdf format

Alonso-Reyes DG, Farias ME, Albarracín VH
Uncovering cryptochrome/photolyase gene diversity in aquatic microbiomes exposed to diverse UV-B regimes
AME 85:141-154 | Full text in pdf format

Ellwood NTW, Pasella MM, Totti C, Accoroni S
Growth and phosphatase activities of Ostreopsis cf. ovata biofilms supplied with diverse dissolved organic phosphorus (DOP) compounds
AME 85:155-166 | Full text in pdf format

Connell PE, Ribalet F, Armbrust EV, White A, Caron DA
Diel oscillations in the feeding activity of heterotrophic and mixotrophic nanoplankton in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre
AME 85:167-181 | Full text in pdf format

Sun Y, Liu J, Yao Q, Jin J, Liu X, Wang G
Assessment of viral assemblages in different types of wetland water in northeast China using RAPD-PCR
AME 85:183-196 | Full text in pdf format

Angulo-Preckler C, García-Lopez E, Figuerola B, Avila C, Cid C
Natural chemical control of marine associated microbial communities by sessile Antarctic invertebrates
AME 85:197-210 | Full text in pdf format

Yamaguchi T, Sato M, Gonda N, Takahashi K, Furuya K
Phosphate diester utilization by marine diazotrophs Trichodesmium erythraeum and Crocosphaera watsonii
AME 85:211-218 | Full text in pdf format