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Marine Ecology Progress Series

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MEPS - Vol. 185 - Table of contents

MEPS - Vol. 185 - Table of contents

Mar Ecol Prog Ser (Print ISSN:0171-8630; Online ISSN:1616-1599)
Copyright © 1999 Inter-Research
Published August 20

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Sarrazin J, Juniper SK
Biological characteristics of a hydrothermal edifice mosaic community
MEPS 185:1-19 | Full text in pdf format

Ricciardi A, Bourget E
Global patterns of macroinvertebrate biomass in marine intertidal communities
MEPS 185:21-35 | Full text in pdf format

Trimmer M, Gowen RJ, Stewart BM, Nedwell DB
The spring bloom and its impact on benthic mineralisation rates in western Irish Sea sediments
MEPS 185:37-46 | Full text in pdf format

Page HM, Dugan JE, Dugan DS, Richards JB, Hubbard DM
Effects of an offshore oil platform on the distribution and abundance of commercially important crab species
MEPS 185:47-57 | Full text in pdf format

Jewett SC, Dean TA, Smith RO, Blanchard A
'Exxon Valdez' oil spill: impacts and recovery in the soft-bottom benthic community in and adjacent to eelgrass beds
MEPS 185:59-83 | Full text in pdf format

Borrell A, Cantos G, Aguilar A, Lockyer C, Brouwer A, Heide-Jørgensen MP, Jensen J, Spenkelink B
Patterns of variability of retinol levels in a harbour porpoise population from an unpolluted environment
MEPS 185:85-92 | Full text in pdf format

Garthe S, Grémillet D, Furness RFW
At-sea-activity and foraging efficiency in chick-rearing northern gannets Sula bassana:a case study in Shetland
MEPS 185:93-99 | Full text in pdf format

Hochscheid S, Godley BJ, Broderick AC, Wilson RP
Reptilian diving:highly variable dive patterns in the green turtle Chelonia mydas
MEPS 185:101-112 | Full text in pdf format

Rose KA, Cowan JH Jr, Clark ME, Houde ED, Wang SB
An individual-based model of bay anchovy population dynamics in the mesohaline region of Chesapeake Bay
MEPS 185:113-132 | Full text in pdf format

Cowan JH Jr, Rose KA, Houde ED, Wang SB, Young J
Modeling effects of increased larval mortality on bay anchovy population dynamics in the mesohaline Chesapeake Bay:evidence for compensatory reserve
MEPS 185:133-146 | Full text in pdf format

Epifanio CE, Perovich G, Dittel AI, Cary SC
Development and behavior of megalopa larvae and juveniles of the hydrothermal vent crab Bythograea thermydron
MEPS 185:147-154 | Full text in pdf format

Reyns N, Sponaugle S
Patterns and processes of brachyuran crab settlement to Caribbean coral reefs
MEPS 185:155-170 | Full text in pdf format

Ju SJ, Secor DH, Harvey HR
Use of extractable lipofuscin for age determination of blue crab Callinectes sapidus
MEPS 185:171-179 | Full text in pdf format

Spicer JI, Thomasson MA, Strömberg JO
Possessing a poor anaerobic capacity does not prevent the diel vertical migration of Nordic krill Meganyctiphanes norvegica into hypoxic waters
MEPS 185:181-187 | Full text in pdf format

Michaud M, Thomas F, Becheikh S, Raibaut A, Shykoff JA, Renaud F
Stage-dependent decisions in a parasitic copepod practising environmental sex determination
MEPS 185:189-193 | Full text in pdf format

Peirano A, Morri C, Bianchi CN
Skeleton growth and density pattern of the temperate, zooxanthellate scleractinian Cladocora caespitosa from the Ligurian Sea (NW Mediterranean)
MEPS 185:195-201 | Full text in pdf format

Bower JR, Seki MP, Young RE, Bigelow KA, Hirota J, Flament P
Cephalopod paralarvae assemblages in Hawaiian Islands waters
MEPS 185:203-212 | Full text in pdf format

Gutiérrez J, Iribarne O
Role of Holocene beds of the stout razor clam Tagelus plebeius in structuring present benthic communities
MEPS 185:213-228 | Full text in pdf format

Barreiro R, Quintela M, Ruiz JM
Aphally and imposex in Nucella lapillus from Galicia (NW Spain):incidence, geographical distribution and consequences for the biomonitoring of TBT contamination
MEPS 185:229-238 | Full text in pdf format

Maldonado M, Uriz MJ
An experimental approach to the ecological significance of microhabitat-scale movement in an encrusting sponge
MEPS 185:239-255 | Full text in pdf format

Udy JW, Dennison WC, Lee Long WJ, McKenzie LJ
Responses of seagrass to nutrients in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
MEPS 185:257-271 | Full text in pdf format

Carpenter EJ, Montoya JP, Burns J, Mulholland MR, Subramaniam A, Capone DG
Extensive bloom of a N2-fixing diatom/cyanobacterial association in the tropical Atlantic Ocean
MEPS 185:273-283 | Full text in pdf format

Fukami K, Watanabe A, Fujita S, Yamaoka K, Nishijima T
Predation on naked protozoan microzooplankton by fish larvae
MEPS 185:285-291 | Full text in pdf format


Hochscheid S, Wilson RP
A new method for the determination of at-sea activity in sea turtles
MEPS 185:293-296 | Full text in pdf format

Hays GC, Godley BJ, Broderick AC
Long-term thermal conditions on the nesting beaches of green turtles on Ascension Island
MEPS 185:297-299 | Full text in pdf format

Jochem FJ, Meyerdierks D
Cytometric measurement of the DNA cell cycle in the presence of chlorophyll autofluorescence in marine eukaryotic phytoplankton by the blue-light excited dye YOYO-1
MEPS 185:301-307 | Full text in pdf format

Worm B, Lotze HK, Boström C, Engkvist R, Labanauskas V, Sommer U
Marine diversity shift linked to interactions among grazers, nutrients and propagule banks
MEPS 185:309-314 | Full text in pdf format