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From land to sea: the fall migration of the red phalarope through the Western Hemisphere

Saalfeld ST, Valcu M, Brown S, English W, Giroux MA, Harrison AL, Krietsch J, Kuletz K, Lamarre JF, Latty C, Lecomte N, McGuire R, Robards M, Scarpignato A, Schulte S, Smith PA, Kempenaers B, Lanctot RB
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New Co-Editor-in-Chief for DAO:

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Thomas B. Waltzek has been appointed as Co-Editor-in-Chief of Diseases of Aquatic Organisms. Together with Co-Editor-in-Chief Prof. Toranzo, he will be providing the journal with a strong scientific leadership team.

(Date posted: 31.8.2023)
2023 ECI and IRPE Prizes in terrestrial ecology:

Prof. William (Bill) Sutherland (University of Cambridge) is the 2023 ECI Prize recipient, and Prof. Elise F. Zipkin (Michigan State University) is the 2023 IRPE Prize recipient. Congratulations to both!

(Date posted: 9.5.2023)
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