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Habitat use of adult Pacific bluefin tuna Thunnus orientalis during the spawning season in the Sea of Japan: evidence for a trade-off between thermal preference and reproductive activity

Fujioka K, Sasagawa K, Kuwahara T, Estess EE, Takahara Y, Komeyama K, Kitagawa T, Farwell CJ, Furukawa S, Kinoshita J, Fukuda H, Kato M, Aoki A, Abe O, Ohshimo S, Suzuki N
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Call for nominations:
Nominations for ECI and IRPE Prizes in Terrestrial Ecology are officially extended for another two months. The official closing date is now 30.07.2021. Submit your nomination(s) here.

(Date posted: 25.05.2021)
New AB Editors:
We are pleased to announce that Drs. Vladimir Laptikhovsky and Christian Wild have joined the Aquatic Biology Editorial Board as Contributing Editors and look forward to collaborating with them from now on.

(Date posted: 14.06.2021)
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