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Sexual segregation of gannet foraging over 11 years: movements vary but isotopic differences remain stable

Clark BL, Cox SL, Atkins KM, Bearhop S, Bicknell AWJ, Bodey TW, Cleasby IR, Grecian WJ, Hamer KC, Loveday BR, Miller PI, Morgan G, Morgan L, Newton J, Patrick SC, Scales KL, Sherley RB, Vigfúsdóttir F, Wakefield ED, Votier S
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Call for nominations:
The International Ecology Institute (ECI) is now inviting nominations of candidates for the IRPE and ECI Prize in Terrestrial Ecology. Deadline for nomination: May 31, 2021. Submit your candidate here.

(Date posted: 04.03.2021)
New MEPS Editor:
We are pleased to announce that Dr. Rebecca G. Asch has joined the MEPS Editorial Board as Editor and look forward to collaborating with her from now on.

(Date posted: 01.03.2021)
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