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Distributions of threatened skates and commercial fisheries inform conservation hotspots

Jubinville I, Lawler E, Tattrie S, Shackell NL, Mills Flemming J, Worm B
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IR supports young marine researchers at ICYMARE 2021 BERLIN.

(Date posted: 22.07.2021)
Notable rise in 2020 Impact Factors:
The impact of several IR journals has increased in 2020, with AEI now at IF 3.074 (up 80%), MEPS at 2.824 (up 21%), DAO at 1.802 (up 32%) and AB at 1.800 (up 13%). We are proud to see these increases and look forward to maintaining the high quality of our publications in the future.

(Date posted: 06.07.2021)
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