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  • NEW! Excellence in Ecology Book 27: "Freshwater Acidification: Natural History, Ecology and Environmental Policy" by Alan Hildrew. Recipient of the 2012 ECI Prize in limnetic ecology. Freshwater acidification–one of the great environmental challenges of our age–is an excellent example of the positive contributions ecological science can make to environmental problems. Although the issue is no longer at the forefront of environmental concern, Hildrew reveals that environmental recovery has not gone as predicted and new problems may arise. Order your copy here. (Date posted 22.6.2018)
  • ECI Prize 2018 in freshwater ecology: The International Ecology Institute (ECI) Jury chaired by Prof. Elisabeth I. Meyer has elected Prof. Lars Tranvik (Uppsala University, Sweden) as winner of the 2018 Excellence in Ecology Prize in freshwater ecology. Congratulations! (Date posted: 4.6.2018)

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