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Excellence in Ecology: Book 10

Our Biosphere


Ramon Margalef


Departament d'Ecologia, Facultad de Biologia, Universitat de Barcelona, Avda. Diagonal 645, 08028 Barcelona, Spain

Recipient of the ECI Prize 1995 in marine ecology



Professor Ramon Margalef was elected by the ECI Jury chaired by Professor Ernest Naylor (University of Wales, Bangor, UK) in acknowledgement of his excellent studies on unicellular algae; his concepts of phytoplankton organization; and his pioneering use of multidimensional statistical analyses. Margalef's contributions to theoretical ecology have made him one of the most frequently quoted contemporary ecologists. Born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1919, Ramon Margalef became his country's first Professor of Ecology and built the international reputation of the precursors of today's Institut de Ciences del Mar, Barcelona. He has written several books and been awarded numerous international awards.


EE Book 10 presents the reader with views that have ripened over many decades. Ramon Margalef emphasizes the complex relations between plankton and fluid dynamics: the seas are full of organic seeds waiting for adequate conditions for starting experiments in evolution. This book is the scientific legacy of a visionary who has uniquely influenced our ways of comprehending Nature's many facets of producing, developing and directing life.



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Book 10: Our Biosphere by Ramon Margalef. 1997. XXIII + 176 pp. ISSN 0932-2205,
ISBN 978-3-946729-10-5, ECI Price: €25 + Postage


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